Support Peter

Hi! My name is Peter Michael. I am a Kiwi (New Zealander) Ice Speed Skater living in Heerenveen, Netherlands. I am a full-time athlete, training on average twice daily. My goal is to win an Olympic Medal at the Winter Olympics, and I need your help to turn this into a reality.

Alternatively you can make use of my campaign page here:


I have various options available to businesses wanting to partner with me for sponsorship or advertising.

The following logo positions are available on my race suits:

1) New Zealand Black Race Suit

  • 6 X Positions on upper body (Head and Chest)
  • 2 X Positions on lower body (Legs)

2) Dutch Team – Team A6 Suit

  • 1 X Position

3) Options are also available on other clothing articles

For more information and details, please contact me.